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        ABOUT US    

    FNT RETAIL was created by 2 great businesses joining together.

    FNT LOGISTICS, also known as First National, have been a provider of International calling products and services for over 20 years. Our main brand WHITE CALLING still has a loyal customer base of regular users of our calling cards. We have a UK based team of field agents who directly service the independent retail channel with a host of technology products and services, from Mobile Accessories and Spare parts, to SIM cards, Calling Cards and Mobile Top Up.

    COMPRO MOBILE is an importer and creator of premium technology products for retail channels across the UK and the EU. We have developed several White Label mobile brands for big businesses such as VODAFONE in the UK. Our motto ‘Eastern Supply with Western Service’ encapsulates how we look to bring our customers all of the pricing benefits associated with Far East sourcing, but with none of the associated risks or challenges. We act as your global sourcing agents, and manage your project every step of the way, from packaging design, to compliance and quality control.

    Working together in a new partnership FNT Retail brings you all of the technology products and services you may need in one place. All with competitive pricing, premium quality and fantastic service. FNT. For New Technology.